Based on video tutorial (, steps that you have to do:

  1. Download and install PhoneGap Desktop from
  2. Running that application and make new project application (HelloWorld)
  3. PhoneGap Desktop will inform you to access the project, ex
  4. Open your web browser and access to address, it will appear message “Connecting to Device…”
  5. Enter the folder project HelloWord > www > index.html

Find the block code

Replace with <h1>Hello World</h1>. Then refresh your web browser.

How to publish your project so that used your devices (ios/andoid/bb/windows phone)? This is the steps:

  1. Copy www folder (HelloWorld/www) and paste to whereever you want ex Desktop
  2. Copy config.xml from HelloWorld folder to Desktop/www
  3. On Desktop/www create new folder, xml folder > paste config.xml to this folder
  4. Open Cordova_Files folder and select cordova.jar and cordova.js files, copy to Desktop/www
  5. Create Desktop/www to be zip file (
  6. Open > signin > upload your project > and bulid your project here
  7. If the build process success you can download the installer file (.apk etc) or you can install this to your device by scan the barcode of the project
  8. If you want to user get up to date application, you can enable Hydration facilities.

Let see the video tutorial:

To run your phoneGap you have to install some requirement like JavaSDK, nodeJS, PhoneGap, Cordova etc. And you can refere some link bellow: