Sometimes we need capture a page of the website, the simple and familiar ways are use Print Screen button or use Snipping Tools, but with that method you must take part of a page and you have to combine the parts of capture to one image. Its so annoying, right?! Oke, I have good better to realize that.

Method 1

If you use Google Chrome, you can use plugin “Awesome Screenshot: Screen Capture, Annotate”

Method 2

If you use Mozilla Firefox, you dont need a plugin, you just use the firefox functionality, open the console with pressing “Shift+F2” and type the command “screenshot ¬†– -fullpage” and press the enter button. To scale it to different dimensions and sizes while preserving text quality, use “Ctrl+Shift+M (or Cmd+Opt+M on OS X) to enter thre responsive design viewer and resize as needed (you can also use this to get screenshots at higher resolution than your monitor supports, or get pictures of tablet/mobile views). Once again, no plugin necesarry.