The default url of codeigniter is look like this [sitename]/index.php/[rest of the slug], and this is called not pretty url, so how to remove index.php from URL on CodeIgniter? Follow this steps to solve that.

Step: -1 Open the folder “application/config” and open the file “config.php”, find and replace the bellow code in config.php file

Step: -2 Go to your CodeIgniter folder and create .htaccess

Step: -3 Write below code in .htaccess file

Step: -4 In some case the default setting for uri_protocol does not work properly. To solve this problem just open the file “application/config/config.php”, then find and replace the bellow code

Thats all but in wamp server it doest not work because rewrite_module by default disabled so we have need to enable it. For this do the following